Posted in: Health Posted on: Sep 29th, 2016

Check Out These Options For Getting Fit in Warrensville Heights

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If you are new to living in Warrensville Heights, you’re likely to be in the process of developing a new daily routine. This might include finding new places to get coffee, pick up groceries, and get your car tuned up. And, possibly, a spot to tune up your fitness. You see, developing a new routine gives you the chance to adopt new habits, and getting regular physical activity is one of the best habits you can develop. If you’re on a mission to improve your health, boost your energy, and get in shape, take a look at the following fitness centers in the area.

Traditional Gyms

If you’re just starting out, it may be a challenge figuring out what you should be doing. Cardio? Weights? Yoga? All of the above? It all depends on your fitness goals, and that’s where a place like Lifetime Fitness would be a good option. Lifetime Fitness offers guidance to new members through complimentary personal training sessions, and it provides all the necessary equipment and facilities you need to get a complete workout. It even offers sports programs like basketball, tennis, and racquetball for those who don’t like the traditional weights and treadmills approach. Plus, with group fitness classes like yoga and pilates, as well as swimming lessons for kids, it is easy to see how a membership can go a long way.


CrossFit is the latest workout phenomenon, which incorporates a wide variety of high-intensity exercises to help you get in the best shape possible. While this style of exercise isn’t for the faint of heart, places like Great Lakes CrossFit encourage beginners and experts alike to join in on a wide variety of classes based on experience. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, all this gym cares about is that you try your hardest and use good technique, which is taught to you by expert CrossFit trainers. Once you’ve gotten up to speed and have trained at a high level, you can enter gym-sanctioned CrossFit events to push your body to its limit even more.


Are you looking to get in shape quickly? While fitness is not about quick fixes, a boot camp class can certainly help you get into gear. These classes are all about high-energy exercises that get your heart rate elevated while in a fun and supportive atmosphere. And what an atmosphere they have at RiPT Fitness, a gym that uses neon lighting and other flourishes for a vibe that’s almost gym-meets-nightclub. You’ll find classes for people looking to work on all different parts of their fitness, whether it is building muscle, strengthening their core, increasing their stamina, or all of the above. This gym has a great reputation among people who have attended their classes in the past, both for its friendly staff and the intensity.

You have these fitness options and more when living in Warrensville Heights. Choose what type of exercise is best for you and make a commitment to stay healthy!