Posted in: Health Posted on: Jul 27th, 2016

Kid-Friendly Healthcare Picks in Warrensville Heights

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If your family is new to renting in Warrensville Heights, it’s important to know what resources are available to you in the area. Of course, it’s a lot of fun to explore your new surroundings and find the best places to eat, drink, and be entertained, but one of the first things you should seek out before all of that is some highly regarded healthcare providers nearby, especially those that cater to children. Every parent wants to keep his or her kids as healthy as they can, so it’s vital to find local professionals that can help you out. Fortunately, Warrensville Heights has plenty of healthcare options that can provide your children with the full slate of necessary treatments to keep them in tip-top shape. For some of the best picks, see the following list.


The right primary care physician can help instill good habits in your children when it comes to maintaining their health. A pediatrician offers a bedside manner that resonates with children, which may make the annual trip to the doctor a much easier event for the adults involved. The doctors at University Premier Pediatricians are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to your child from infancy through adolescence. Its staff of 10 doctors and two registered nurses gives you the peace of mind that your child will be well taken care of, and their ample online resources and willingness to give advice over the phone speaks to their commitment to your child’s well-being. Scheduling a checkup here is the first step towards setting your child on the path to a healthy life.


Everyone deserves a chance at being the proud owner of a healthy smile, especially your child. However, trips to the dentist come with a certain amount of discomfort, which often can make children unwilling patients. That’s why it’s crucial to see a dentist that has a pleasant demeanor and can explain dental health clearly to children to help dispel their fears. Glick Dental understands this. Dr. Glick’s experienced team of dentists and other staff offer services for the whole family. From regular checkups to orthodontics and beyond, this practice is your go-to for comprehensive mouth and tooth care.


You already know that your child’s eye health shouldn’t be overlooked. Healthy eyes can help kids excel in school, and taking care of any eye problems that may arise increases the chance that your youngster will enjoy a lifetime of clear vision. Western Reserve Vision Care is here to help with that cause. Its staff of five optometrists and one ophthalmic assistant have decades of combined experience. One of them, Dr. Zaczyk, specializes in pediatric eye care. Beyond that, she also has a lot of experience treating patients with special needs. At Western Reserve, your eyes are in good hands.

The sooner you and your children can integrate into a new healthcare routine, the better your whole family will be. Call to make an appointment with one of these health professionals today and keep a clean bill of health!